An Agile Approach to Defect Management

Lisa Crispin, ePlan Services, Inc.

In each round of the party game Limbo, you set the bar lower and lower. Players must dance under the bar with only their feet touching the floor. When it comes to bugs, we also want to set the bar lower and lower as the project progresses–fewer bugs is always better. Lisa Crispin explains how agile teams address defects, and how you can apply an agile approach even in a "traditional" environment. Explore different approaches to deal with defects–from "fix and forget" to employing a traditional defect tracking approach. Lisa describes insights we can gain from defects, such as the missing features they might represent and development improvements they suggest. Learn new ways to "lower the bar" on bugs in your projects and take away novel ideas for taming your backlog of defects. Discover ways your team can work together to minimize or eliminate bug reports altogether.

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