Agile Requirements Is Not an Oxymoron

Paul Reed, EBG Consulting

Misconceptions abound about the way requirements fit—or don’t fit—into agile projects. Is “agile requirements” an oxymoron—two contradictory terms joined together? How is it possible for requirements to be agile? Do agile projects even need requirements? In reality, requirements are the basis for planning, analyzing, developing, and delivering agile projects. Paul Reed shares the value of requirements analysis on agile projects, the ways requirements form the basis for agile planning, and explains how effective agile teams collaborate to develop requirements. Drawing on what we know about chaos theory, complex adaptive systems, metrics on software projects, and practical application on numerous agile projects, discover how agile and requirements are congruent. Learn how agile and requirements combine to form a sound and sensible union that drives successful delivery of business value. Leave with a clear understanding of how requirements done right leverage agile practices and how agile projects depend on requirements to deliver business value.

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