Agile Testing: Facing the Challenges Beyond the Easy Contexts

Bob Galen, iContact

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise-doing testing well on agile teams is hard work! First, you have to get management over the misconception that you don't need specialist testers within agile teams. Next, you have to integrate testers with the developers and provide holistic, high quality results. Those are just the easy challenges you face. Then, comes the hard part! Bob Galen explores more difficult agile testing contexts-how to attack a total lack of test automation, how to remain agile in highly regulated environments, how to serve your PMO or Testing COE while remaining agile, how to organize testing when your agile team is globally dispersed, how to blend traditional testing processes with their agile counterparts, and more. If you're in a difficult testing context within an agile development environment, come and join the conversation. You'll find examples and options, but no silver bullets. Remember-it's HARD!

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