Agile Testing: Solving the Agilist's Dilemma

Rob Myers, Independent Test Consultant

One problem with iterative software development is that teams are forced to write and test software incrementally-and repeatedly. Testers know that any change could break features in both obvious and hidden ways. Developers know that a change to their stable design is just around the corner. So, should we go back to designing software all up front and testing the whole product just before delivery? Of course not! So how do we solve this "Agilist's Dilemma?" Rob Myers describes the two popular practices that can solve this dilemma: unit level test-driven development (TDD) and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). Join Rob to explore the similarities and differences of these agile practices and learn how they support each other. Find out why ATDD is much more than traditional test-automation and how its practice drastically alters the role of the agile tester.

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