Agile Testing: Traditional Testing Meets Agile Development

Dietmar Strasser, Borland Software

Agile development methodologies are taking center stage in many software organizations today. Testing in a highly iterative environment adds great opportunities for success but it also brings challenges. Dietmar Strasser explains how to successfully transform testing from a traditional process to a highly iterative approach that aligns testing efforts around requirements while fostering communication and collaboration among all team members in a distributed development environment. Dietmar describes how to move to an iterative, SCRUM-based development approach and, at the same time, align testing activities around it while dealing with an ever-evolving set of processes and technologies. Lessons learned, tips, and tricks will be shared based on Borland’s experiences moving to an iterative approach. If one thing is certain, the path to agile development from traditional waterfall is far from perfectly straight, and we are learning as we go.

  • Common challenges faced by testers embracing agile development
  • How visibility and agile frameworks can assure improved productivity
  • Start on the path to agile testing today

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