All That Testing Is Getting in the Way of Quality

James Whittaker, Google

"You can't test in quality" is so cliché that it has to be true. Testing is an inherently negative discipline. It never proves quality has been attained-only that it has not. Perhaps it is time, once and for all, to do away with the traditional bug-finding tester role and come up with a better alternative. James Whittaker discusses the diminishing value of the old school testers in today’s software engineering practice and reveals what testers should really be doing instead of simply looking for more bugs. At Google, James has discovered that the role testers should play is one that makes them a part of software construction and elevates their position from a reporter of the negative to a producer of the positive. Learn how Google has embedded professional testers into its development teams and discover the activities they perform that have much more impact and value than merely reporting bugs and playing gatekeeper. Take back a playbook for elevating your testing game and ways you can positively impact software quality above and beyond finding and reporting bugs.

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