Alternative Testing: Do We Have to Test Like We Always Have?

Julian Harty, Consultant

Are the “old ways” always the “best ways” to test? Julian Harty shares his thought-provoking ideas on when traditional testing is-and is not-appropriate and poses alternatives for us to consider. For example, what might happen if we choose not to test a product at all? Perhaps the benefits of earlier delivery would outweigh the cost and delay that testing imposes. If a key goal of testing is to provide answers to quality-related questions about a product, are there alternative information sources for answers-say, from live experiments in production? How do you know whether your testing approach is really efficient and effective, especially if you already consider yourself a testing expert? Can your testing knowledge and experience blind you to alternative strategies? One option is to put yourself to the test. For instance, you could more objectively evaluate your skills by working on a crowd-sourced test project. Come, listen, join in, and leave invigorated with a fresh perspective on how you can become a better, more aware, and more astute tester.

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