Android Mobile Development: A Test-driven Approach

Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan, LeanDog

Few topics are hotter these days than mobile software development. It seems that every company is rushing to release its own mobile application. However, when it comes time to build that software, companies quickly discover that things are different now. Many developers claim that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to test drive an application. Traditional testing tools are unable to automate the application in the emulator or on the device so testers usually are left with a manual testing approach. Join Cheezy Morgan and Levi Wilson as they reveal the secret of delivering a fully-tested, high-quality Android application. Using an acceptance test-driven approach, Cheezy will write automated tests prior to development. While Levi is test driving the Android code to make Cheezy’s tests pass, Cheezy will perform exploratory testing on Levi’s unfinished work. This fast-paced, hands-on session will demonstrate how close collaboration and test automation can be used to successfully deliver high-quality mobile applications.

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