Automated Testing: The Differentiators of Success

Nazar Hossain, Zarieas

While automated testing is not new, it has undergone a resurgence in recent years. A combination of matured technology and continually increasing pressure to deliver more value has put a greater focus on finding efficiencies within testing. However, having the right automated testing tools is not enough. Nazar Hossain shares what he has found to be the key factors common to organizations that successfully use automated testing. First, have a comprehensive end-to-end process to manage and measure the success of automation efforts. Second, integrate test automation into the overall system development framework, making it an integral part of the project. This requires a well-engineered automation framework, automation development practices, and a close connection with the change management system. And third, focus on the automation engineers' roles and responsibilities, career and performance management, and test automation process governance. Explore these differentiators with Nazar to build success into your test automation program.

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