Behavior-Driven Design in Practice

Nir Szilagyi, eBay, Inc. & Janarthanan Eindhal, eBay, Inc.

One of software development’s  greatest challenges is combining business needs with technical abilities to build products that customers want. Many development methodologies attempt to achieve this, but Nir Szilagyi and Janarthanan Eindhal think that few connect the dots as well as behavior-driven development (BDD), an agile development methodology derived from test-driven development (TDD) and other agile practices. Unlike TDD, which focuses on code design, BDD focuses on the customer. BDD relies on specifying the behavior of a product through a ubiquitous language that can be understood by anyone with the domain knowledge—stakeholders, analysts, developers, and testers. The definition and visibility of the product's behavior are crucial to aligning the actions of all players to deliver the right product—from beginning to end of the development lifecycle. Join Nir and Janarthanan to learn how eBay's product platform group adopted BDD and used an end-to-end solution to verify requirements continuously, thus departing from the traditional “test” vocabulary to one of “behavior.”

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