Better Software Conference East 2013: Data Collection and Analysis for Better Requirements

Brandon Carlson, Lean TECHniques, Inc.

According to studies, 64 percent of features in systems are rarely—or never—used. How does this happen? Today, the work of eliciting the customers' true needs, which often remains elusive, can be enhanced using data-driven requirements techniques. Brandon Carlson describes why traditional requirements analysis is so difficult and presents a set of seven data collection approaches and analysis techniques you can employ on your projects right away. Learn how to instrument existing applications and develop new requirements based on operational profiles of the current system. Learn to use A/B testing—a technique for trying out and analyzing alternative implementations—on your current system to determine which new features will deliver the most business value. With these tools at hand, you can help users and business stakeholders decide the best approaches and new features to meet their real needs. Now is the time to take the guesswork out of requirements and get the facts.

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