Better Software Conference West 2013: You Said What? Becoming Aware of the Things We Say

Steven “Doc” List, Santeon Group

Most of us take language for granted. We use words without thinking about how they may affect others and then are surprised at the reaction we get. Learn the importance of language in building and maintaining high performing agile teams. Become more aware of the words you choose and the impact of those words on your listeners. Steven “Doc” List presents a series of exercises in a game show format. Participants attempt to identify loaded words in seemingly simple statements and questions. Some of the exercises are written, others are acted out in role play. You’ll engage in discussion and reflection as part of the activity, gaining greater insight into your own use of language and understanding of how language affects your interactions and your teams. Learn how to read the subtle messages in your own and others' language. Learn how to craft what you say so that it means what you want it to.

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