Better Testing with a Hacker's Mentality

Julian Harty, Commercetest Limited

Security issues are becoming more and more relevant as testers are called on to find security problems before others exploit them. So, where do you start, and how do you bridge the gap between honest tester and bad-guy hacker? Julian Harty suggests we do so by adopting the mindset and practices of a hacker. In this presentation, gain a unique insight into the ways of hackers and specific technical techniques and tips on how to find security flaws before the hackers do. Progress from a novice to a journeyman security tester as you learn how to use “anti-goals” and your internal knowledge of the software to find and fix security vulnerabilities before the hackers find them and hurt your organization.

  • How a tester can adopt the mindset of a hacker
  • Proven techniques for finding security flaws
  • A safe environment to get started in security testing

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