A Big Helping of DevOps with Career Advice on the Side

Paul Peissner, CollabNet

For decades-with the exception of agile-dev followers-the IT community has continued to build and protect its departmental silos. Project management, business analysis, development, testing, DB administration, and operations are just a few of the specializations that are carved out and institutionalized. Agile practices seek to eliminate the walls and empower people to deliver the highest value to the business. DevOps is the latest effort in this direction-bringing developers, testers, and operations together to replace their silos with a continuous collaboration pipeline. Paul Peissner introduces DevOps and explains how it is a key to transitioning from continuous integration (creating the finished software product immediately) to continuous delivery (making the product immediately available to users) and adding tremendous new business value. Paul describes the effects DevOps will have on classic organizational roles-development, test, and operations-and the new opportunities arising for those who are up to the challenge. Find out what you need to do now to be ready for this paradigm shift.

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