The Blurred Boundaries Between Dev, Test, and Ops

Ken Johnston, Microsoft Corporation

It's like watching a chase scene in a major summer blockbuster movie. You're totally focused on the action when suddenly you realize the background is a blurry mess. Trees, buildings, street signs, and pedestrians on the sidewalk have become one mass of smeared colors. As we increase the rate of new software releases and rely more and more on running web services for both interfaces and apps, we are beginning to see the boundaries blur between development, test, and operations. Ken Johnston pokes some fun at the walls between our disciplines and then dives deep into working examples of organizations that are erasing the lines between Dev, Test, and Ops to create more fluid and innovative businesses. Using his experiences from the Bing search development team at Microsoft, Ken describes the impact of lean thinking, kanban, cloud computing, and continuous deployment on role definitions. He shares his insights on the evolution of testing in this new data rich, continuously evolving ecosystem of live web services. Rather than redrawing the Dev-Test-Ops lines, you can become part of the revolution that helps blur the lines into total obscurity.

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