Bring Your Team Home Safely: What DevOps Teams Can Learn from Aircrews

Peter Varhol

United Flight 232 should have crashed with all 296 lives lost. Asiana Flight 214 should not have crashed at all. However, the actual outcomes were very different. Peter Varhol and Gerie Owen explain that the critical difference between the two flights was the interactions of their respective aircrews. Cockpit crew members work together to best utilize the skills of every team member to make flights safe. Using these principles, a DevOps team can bring their project safely home. The leader of a team is the final authority, but leaders must acknowledge team members’ knowledge and experience; that can make the difference between success and failure. Join Peter and Gerie to experience how you can apply aircrew practices to your team’s delivery of high-quality applications through complementary expertise, collaboration, and decision-making. You’ll learn how blind deference to authority and automation can be detrimental to a DevOps team, and how to use everyone’s skills to achieve success.

About the Presenter

Peter Varhol is a software strategist and evangelist who closely observes the testing industry and uses his knowledge and experience to identify new technologies and help companies respond to those trends. His diverse technical background enables him to seamlessly integrate new technologies into his practices and provides him with a unique vision of how to adapt and succeed with rapid technology change. His areas of research and practice include team communications, machine learning, DevOps, testing and test automation, and development tools. His efforts aim to use the latest and best technologies to address real-world problems. Peter speaks frequently at conferences, local meetups, and on webinars and writes for popular technology publications such as Information Week and InfoWorld. In other roles, Peter has been a tenure-track professor in computer science and mathematics, technology journalist and editor, software developer and tester, and software product manager. Peter blogs at Cutting Edge Computing  and tweets @pvarhol. He has master's degrees in computer science, applied mathematics, and psychology, along with doctoral work in information systems.

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