The Buccaneer Tester: Winning Your Reputation

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.

Who drives your career as a tester or test leader? Hopefully, not the company for which you work. It's you-you must be the driver. Because the craft of testing is still relatively free and open, there is no authority structure that defines or controls our industry. There are no generally accepted and standardized credentials that will admit you to the upper tier of income and respect as a tester. There are no universities that offer degrees in testing-although certificates and certifications abound. What we do have is a pastiche of communities, proprietary methodologies, schools of thought-together with ambitious individuals who write articles, teach, argue with each other, and speak at conferences. James Bach, who has made his own way in his twenty-three year testing career, describes how you can develop your own personal portfolio and reputation to stand out as a senior tester or leader who is indispensable to your current-or any-organization. Join James for an insightful look at what you can do to develop and win your reputation to help your team, project, and company excel.

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