Building Quality In

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Have you ever delivered software to testing only to receive unexpected feedback regarding quality issues of interoperability, reliability, usability, or testability? Or worse, delivered to customers a product that fully met its specifications but generated complaints and calls for urgent fixes? Substantial time and effort can be saved by understanding—before coding begins—the important quality factors a software system must have. Join Dawn Haynes to explore quick and effective ideas for defining quality factors for your software. Dawn demonstrates how to create a checklist—using general heuristics, standards, and your own research—to employ as a source of specific quality requirements for your projects. By adding these to your requirements gathering process, you will better develop detailed designs and code. Going beyond the basics, Dawn explains how to reduce reliability and/or security vulnerabilities, increase efficiency, and implement quality factors like testability and maintainability. Steer your code to acceptance rather than to rework.

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