Building a Successful Test Automation Strategy

Karen Rosengren, IBM Global Services

You have been told repeatedly that test automation is a good thing and that you need to automate your testing. So, how do you know where to start? If you have started and your efforts don’t seem to be paying back your investment, what should you do? Although you believe automation is a good thing, how can you convince your management? Karen Rosengren takes you through a set of practical and proven steps to build a customized test automation strategy based on your organization’s needs. She focuses on the real problem you are trying to solve-repetitive manual test effort that can be significantly reduced through automation. Using concrete examples, Karen shows you how to develop a strategy for automation that addresses real-not theoretical-savings. She shares how she has demonstrated the business value of automation to executives and gained both buy-in and the necessary budget to be successful. If you need to get your test automation started the right way or back on track, this session is perfect for you.

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