Building the Test Management Office

Geoff Horne, iSQA

It's the life challenge of a test manager-leading testing while keeping the work under control. If it's not poor code, it's configuration glitches. If it's not
defect management problems, it's exploding change requests. When the projects are large, complex, and constrained, it can be almost impossible to keep ahead of the "gotchas" while ensuring testing progress. IT projects have long used the concept of a Project Management Office (PMO), providing administrative services to allow Project Managers to focus on their key responsibilities. In the same way, a Test Management Office (TMO) can help test managers focus on their key testing activities. Join Geoff Horne as he describes the functions encompassed by the TMO; how establishing a TMO can benefit your organization; the management structure and resources needed for success; and how to prevent the TMO from becoming a dumping ground for issues and people no one else wants to handle.

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