Building a World Class Test Organization

Theresa O'Leary, UPS

Do you have teams performing myriads of manual tests? Do you have to depend on subject matter experts with tribal knowledge for testing? Are you yearning to transform it all into a mature, modern, and world-class test organization? Theresa O'Leary leads you through a set of practical and proven steps to implement testing excellence. Her holistic approach encompasses people, process, tools, and environments. Theresa walks you through the steps of getting approval from management, setting up the correct organizational structure, establishing training and skill goals, institutionalizing new methods, and selecting and implementing tools. Using concrete examples from her experiences at UPS, Theresa shares how she demonstrated to executives the business value of improvement and gained both top-down and bottom-up buy-in. If you want to see dramatic change in your organization-not just install more processes that are ignored-join Theresa to find out how.

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