Cause-Effect Graphing: Rigorous Test Case Design

Gary Mogyorodi, Software Testing Services

A tester’s toolbox today contains a number of test case design techniques—classification trees, pairwise testing, design of experiments-based methods, and combinatorial testing. Each of these methods is supported by automated tools. Tools provide consistency in test case design, which can increase the all-important test coverage in software testing. Cause-effect graphing, another test design technique, is superior from a test coverage perspective, reducing the number of test cases needed to provide excellent coverage. Gary Mogyorodi describes these black box test case design techniques, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each technique, and provides a comparison of the features of the tools that support them. Using an example problem, he compares the number of test cases derived and the test coverage obtained using each technique, highlighting the advantages of cause-effect graphing. Join Gary to see what new techniques you might want to add to your toolbox.

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