Coaching Agility and Producing Value

David Hussman, DevJam

Why do some agile communities succeed while others are struggling or failing? Communities that struggle often do so because they are prescriptively follow processes instead of descriptively adopting practices and principles that amplify their existing strengths and address their challenges. David Hussman shares successful coaching techniques he uses to grow sustainable agility that lasts beyond the early iterations or the first few agile projects. David begins with a series of initial adoption tools-assessments, pragmatic practice selection, personas and story maps, chartering, and development manifestos. He then moves on to discuss ideas and tools for keeping the agile spark alive and glowing. As a full time working coach, David uses coaching stories and experiences to discuss establishing strong, sustainable delivery cadences while also building the essence of coaching and coaches. Learn the tools for finding your groove, the definition of which is not in any book. If you want to grow your coaching skills and your ability to truly deliver real value, this session is for you.

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