Collaboration without Chaos

Griffin Jones, Congruent Compliance

Sometimes software testers overvalue the adherence to the collective wisdom embodied in organizational processes and the mechanical execution of tasks. Overly directive procedures work—to a point—projecting an impression of firm, clear control. But do they generate test results that are valuable to our stakeholders? Is there a way to orchestrate everyone’s creative contributions without inviting disorganized confusion? Is there a model that leverages the knowledge and creativity of the people doing the work, yet exerts reliable control in a non-directive way? Griffin Jones shares just such a model, describing its prescriptive versus discretionary parts and its dynamic and adaptive nature. Task activities are classified into types and control preferences. Griffin explores archetypes of control and their associated underlying values. Leave with an understanding of how you can leverage the wisdom and creativity of your people to make your testing more valuable and actionable.

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