Combatting Threats to Payment Processing in the Era of Connected Ecosystems

Elizabeth Koumpan

In an increasingly connected world, protection from security vulnerabilities and threats is essential. Yet providing that protection can be complex to understand, especially with changes in digital technology, consumer demands, and how social media influences consumer shopping and payment decisions. Consumer demands for a personalized experience, together with regulatory and industry initiatives, force innovation, openness, and collaboration in the payment industry, while new models, new digital ecosystems, and cross-border payments are being transformed by blockchain technology. This modern world introduces new cyber security and data privacy vulnerabilities as the speed of data transfer across multiple devices, systems, merchants, controllers, and processors increases. Where do we start? Join Elizabeth Koumpan as she explains that as the internet of things and other emerging technologies continue to develop, merchants must ensure that as they introduce new sales channels, they also address fraud and payment vulnerabilities. New standards around data capture, management, processing, and destruction demand new policies for data ownership, access, and liability. Learn why these demands are only the tip of the iceberg for privacy, data breach notifications, and data subject rights. You'll learn how to gain awareness of data breaches when they occur, as well as techniques that help protect your privacy.

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About the Presenter

Elizabeth Koumpan is a cognitive and data leader with IBM Global Markets, with a focus on solving business problems in information architecture, analytics, information integration, and governance and ensuring we use data responsibly. She has been performing evaluation and analysis of the current technical environments and completed assessments against the set of leading practices within different organizations. She has developed reference architecture that addresses key integration, migration, and consolidation decisions and is recognized for her expertise in the area of unstructured data and her ability to understand information patterns. Elizabeth led IBM ILG Software's social campaign to develop industry white papers about information governance in the era of big data. She is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and has led multiple studies and been a speaker at several internal and external conferences.

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