Compliance and Agility—How It Can Be Done

Aprajita Mathur

Delivering a compliant product is a resource intensive and challenging activity for most teams. Whether a team is trying to adhere to company, industry, or international standards, it needs to produce deliverables under tight deadlines with the right level of quality. When you work with Forensic teams the stakes are high! Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a new forensic DNA sequencing technology which can result in increased detection ability for degraded and complex mixture samples. It can also provide ancestry and physical trait information which help's narrow down suspects. Join Aprajita Mathur as she shares how her team successfully built the first Forensics, NGS “sample-to-answer” platform at illumina, working in a cross-functional team, using a scrum-based methodology, yet in a compliant environment. For her team, the stakes were high, timelines tight, and quality was of upmost importance to ensure the truth is always found: An integrated “sample to answer” solution to aid forensic investigation teams must be accurate, precise, reliable, and provide information in the timescales of investigation. Aprajita discusses myths about software development in regulatory space. Take away agile practices that deliver compliant products, using agile artifacts to meet specifications with minimum effort, release after release.


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About the Presenter

Aprajita Mathur is a Bioinformatics Software Quality Assurance Manager with a engineering background in Bioinformatics. She has more than 10 years of software testing experience and over 5 years of testing in a compliance environment. She has worked as a manual and automation tester on a wide range of products like instrument software, LIMS, web-applications and integrated solutions which are used in the fields of agriculture, transplant genomics, forensics and oncology. Currently she leads the Bioinformatics Software Quality Assurance team at Guardant Health, which builds the world’s leading comprehensive liquid biopsy. This non-invasive tool for accessing and sequencing tumour DNA is used by thousands of oncologists to help tens of thousands of advanced cancer patients. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and work on her bucket list of "Crazy Things", this includes activities outside her comfort zone like skydiving or quilting.

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