Component-Based Test Automation

Vincenzo Cuomo, ST Incard

Creating software applications by assembling pre-built components has proved to be very successful on many development projects. Just as component-based development can reduce the time-to-market of high quality software, the same concept is equally applicable to automated testing. Vincenzo Cuomo introduces an approach to test automation called Component-based Testing. Using this method, you design and create reusable, highly configurable test components that can be assembled into application-specific test scripts. Vincenzo presents a case study to illustrate Component-based Testing concepts and demonstrates how you can build test components that are application independent and self-contained. In Vincenzo's experience, Component-based Testing has resulted in higher test case reusability (up to 80%) and a remarkable reduction of testing time and cost (up to 50%).

  • How to rethink test script creation in terms of components
  • The differences between Component-based Testing and other approaches
  • Achieve significant reductions in testing time and costs

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