Continuous Load Testing for DevOps

Kevin Dunne

Ensuring that each new release delivers a positive user experience is now more critical than ever. But with cloud-native apps, microservices, and other compartmentalized elements, an application involves many highly distributed components, and a performance issue in any of them could have a ripple effect across the entire application. Now that new functionality is being released weekly, daily, or even hourly, each team needs instant insight into whether their incremental changes could negatively affect performance. However, legacy performance testing approaches are too late, too heavy, and too slow, and the later you start load testing, the more difficult, time-consuming, and costly it is to debug and resolve performance problems. Developers and testers need a way to expose critical performance issues earlier in the delivery pipeline. Kevin will show you how this is being accomplished in high-performing organizations. You'll learn how you can make load testing faster and simpler, so performance issues are exposed to your testers—not to your users.

About the Presenter

Kevin Dunne is the general manager of Tricentis Flood, ensuring their continued commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create software that scales. With a deep interest in the emerging trends in software development and testing, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with thought leaders in this space. Kevin comes to Tricentis, the parent company of Flood, thanks to its joining forces with QASymphony, where he was one of the first employees. Kevin has seen many facets of the business, working in sales, customer support, marketing, and product management, and has managed testing on large government and Fortune 500 engagements while delivering ERP implementations and custom software development. Kevin holds a bachelor of science degree from Vanderbilt University.

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