Critical Incidents While Testing in Scrum

Robert Sabourin,

Scrum frameworks deliver working code in time-boxed sprints. Many communities find Scrum to be a wonderful balance between discipline and agility because it tames turbulence and focuses teams. However, Scrum requires dramatic rethinking of the traditional role of testing in a development project. Rob Sabourin explores critical testing incidents in Scrum projects-key turning points, difficult decisions, major problems, brilliant successes, and dismal failures. Rob identifies key skills, practices, and techniques used to confidently deliver working code each sprint. Rob shows how testing is implemented by teams in different organizational, business, and technical contexts. His findings raise important questions and identify some novel solutions. Do we really need testers in Scrum? Learn how teams solve tough security, performance, reliability, scalability, usability and regression testing challenges. Explore ways testers and developers collaborate preserving tester independence within small cross functional teams.

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