A Crowdsourcing Success Story

Anu Kak, PayPal, Inc.

Today, many organizations are using crowdsourcing to develop and test their products. Anu Kak presents an overview of how eBay has applied this concept both internally and externally to improve their development and testing. Anu shares PayPal’s implementation of the crowdsourcing approach that helps employees gain insights into applications problems and solutions. With this knowledge in hand, they can quickly improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Anu and his colleague Venkatesh share examples of how eBay utilized their customers for crowdsourcing to improve overall buyer and seller experience. Learn how the crowdsourcing process played a big role in the pilot phase for the Shopping Cart product and how customer feedback, smart troubleshooting tactics, and proactive repair of defects helped tremendously as the pilot ran throughout the US and UK. Take back an approach for getting the crowds to participate in your testing and development.

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