Data Manufacturing: A Test Data Management Solution

Fariba Alim-Marvasti, Aetna / Enterprise Testing & Quality Assurance

Does your test organization create test data that represents production-like data? Does it fully protect the privacy of customers and the confidentiality of the business? Effective test data creation and management are critical for improving software quality, reducing costs, and ensuring data privacy and security. Fariba Alim-Marvasti shares Aetna Healthcare's Data Manufacturing practice that generates test data which thoroughly mimics production business data. Previously, each application team would use a subset of production data and rely on upstream applications for test data. Test data availability was limited, resulting in insufficient test coverage. Now, the Data Manufacturing process uses the applications themselves to manufacture test data. Using this process, data flows the same way as it flows in production-across applications-which creates integrated data across enterprise. This approach has increased quality by 9 percent and increased defect discovery by 8 percent. Join Fariba to learn how data manufacturing can benefit your organization.

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