Debunking Agile Testing Myths

Geoff Horne, iSQA

What do the Agile Manifesto and various agile development lifecycle implementations really mean for the testing profession? Extremists say they mean “no testers”; others believe it’s just “business as usual” for testers. As a test manager who has been around the block a few times, Geoff Horne has participated in countless test projects, both agile and traditional. Some of his traditional thinking about testing was turned on its ear and challenged by the key precepts of agile development. He’s discovered that traditional projects can achieve many benefits of the agile testing approach. In this revealing session, Geoff identifies and dispels the myths surrounding agile testing and demonstrates how traditional and agile methods can co-exist within a single project. For testers not versed in agile, Geoff offers suggestions for being prepared to work on an agile project when the opportunity arises. Whether or not you work in an agile environment, this session can help testers and test teams become more agile in their own right.

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