Demystifying the Role of Product Owner

Bob Galen, Velocity Partners

Have you ever wondered what makes a good Product Owner? It’s a broad and deep role that is often filled with a hodgepodge of differently skilled individuals. Many organizations struggle to understand its importance as they scale their agile transformations. What about exceptional Product Ownership? What does that entail? In this highly collaborative session, Bob Galen explores the Four Quadrants of Effective Product Ownership—Product Management, Project Management, Leadership, and Business Analysis. Each of these critical aspects of the Product Owner role supports the agile team. Together, they lead to well-constructed product backlogs with an emphasis on creating high quality and high value products. Leave this session with a better understanding of the breadth and depth associated with outstanding Product Owners, a newfound respect for how challenging the role is, and with immediate insights and actions for improving your organization’s Product Ownership.


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