Design Patterns in Test Driven Development

Thirumalesh Bhat, Microsoft Corporation

Design patterns are powerful tools when understood and employed properly. Combining design patterns and test-driven development (TDD) using a set of design principles will achieve higher productivity and quality than either practice alone. With numerous code snippets as examples, Thirumalesh Bhat describes the design principles and resulting patterns that have been extracted from TDD practices at Microsoft. Learn more about these design principles: commonality/variability analysis, open/closed principle, high cohesion, low coupling, prototyping, designing for current features, single point of maintenance, refactoring, unit testing, testability, and cost/benefit analysis. Adapt and apply these principles and design patterns to your TDD projects for the same benefits.

  • Fundamental principles of design patterns
  • Test-driven development (TDD) and refactoring
  • How to combine design patterns and TDD in a real project

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