DevOps for the Agile Practitioner

Lee Eason

As an agile coach, ScrumMaster, or product owner, you interact with technical teams every day, even though you may not have a technical background yourself. You hear and read about DevOps all the time, but the truth is that you’re not really sure what DevOps is or exactly how it can help your company. You also have a feeling the executives in your company may be questioning whether their massive investment in agile is paying off. Lee Eason will help nontechnical agile practitioners understand exactly what DevOps is and why it’s valuable. You will leave understanding the background, key metrics, and knowledge areas behind DevOps and be better equipped to partner with your teams to drive meaningful and sustainable change. You'll get practical, metrics-driven guidance that will help you drive valuable improvements with your teams and be able to bridge the gap with business leaders.

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