Ditch Your Bug-Tracking Tool: 3 Solid Tactics to Minimize Bug Counts

Jerry Penner

A bug-free product release is an ideal that testers, developers, and project managers strive for, but when it comes to the go/no-go decision, the balance is often struck between "good" and "good enough," leaving behind a rotting to-do pile in the bug-tracking tool that is rarely acted upon in the next release. How can testers stop adding new bugs to the ever-growing list and clean up the “bug dump”? Is it possible to speed development and deliver better software by sidestepping the bug-tracking tool? Join Jerry Penner as he shares his experiences in reducing the wasted time and effort of logging, counting, fixing, and retesting bugs, while still improving software quality. He will share three tactics that work for him: "Love Letters to Dev," "Call a Spade a Spade," and "Now, Tomorrow, or Never." You will take away a better understanding of how to discuss your findings with developers and project managers, without the waste of using a bug-tracking tool and the formal meetings to go over it.

About the Presenter

Jerry Penner is a passionate tester who loves helping ridiculously smart people build better software. He has been testing desktop software, websites, web apps, mobile apps, and APIs for startups and large companies since 2006. One of his favorite testing tasks is helping developers and testers find important bugs faster. He regularly consumes articles, blogs, books and opinions on testing, psychology, philosophy, and business and exercises what he learns to become a better tester. He has delivered testing talks at Desire2Learn, the KWSQA Quality Conference, and STARCANADA. He has assembled two test teams from the ground up, has implemented good practices at two companies, and is currently helping the fine folks at Waterloo Hydrogeologic.

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