Drive Product Improvements with Telemetry

Ken Johnston

Do you want to know how real users are interacting with your product? Do you want to know which features they don’t use? Would you like to understand how your product works internally under real operational conditions? Then you need telemetry—the instrumentation of your product to record this information and transmit it back to you for analysis. Windows 10 implemented this capability. Today, there are more than 450 million devices running Windows 10 providing constant feedback on its operation. Ken Johnston says Microsoft learned a lot about what they did right for that launch—and what they have to do better going forward. Ken shares the internal architecture of Microsoft Windows Telemetry and how its data cloud is constructed. He describes how Windows implemented privacy controls for users, how they gather and categorize customer feedback, and what they learned by sharing features early with users. All this infrastructure is now an integral part of how Microsoft prioritizes bugs and feature requests. Learn how to add telemetry to your applications to answer your use and quality questions.

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