Early Testing without the Test and Test Again Syndrome

Douglas Hoffman, Software Quality Methods LLC

Developers and testers sometimes get into a frustrating dance in which the developers provide code for test, the testers run tests and document findings, developers fix the problems and re-release for testing, and the testers rerun and document new, different problems, and so on. For good reasons teams often begin "formal" testing on new software while it is still being coded. In this case the testers are working full tilt: running tests, investigating and isolating faults, writing up defects, rerunning the tests, and verifying fixes; but a lot of time is wasted by everyone on problems the developers already know about. As a manager, developer, or tester, you can break out of this vicious cycle and get to a better place. Douglas Hoffman shares his experiences seeing, participating in, and getting out of the test and test again syndrome.

  • How to know when the test and test again syndrome is happening to you
  • Ways to break out of the cycle and improve productivity
  • Good feedback and communications methods during early testing

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