End to End Security: Building Products Right

Richard Ford, Florida Institute of Technology

How do you build a product that is secure? Why are some products inherently more secure than others? Join Richard Ford as he shares his experiences, both building products and teaching other developers how to think about security. All too often, computer security is the last thing considered when building a new product; that is, security is relegated to a "bolt on" ... something to be added to the product before it can be shipped. You will see demonstrations of security flaws that illustrate why security should be considered at every stage in the product process, from initial idea to golden master… and beyond. Learn to think about security holistically and take away a checklist of issues to consider at every step in the product lifecycle. Finally, gain insight into ways of building a development culture that is security aware and maintaining an efficient but secure corporate culture.

  • Architect security built into systems across the development lifecycle
  • Examples of security flaws that could have been avoided
  • A security aware corporate and development culture

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