End-to-End Testing in an Enterprise Agile Environment

Billie Bell, Intuit, Inc.

All too often, surprises occur late in development when independent projects-agile or not-at varying stages of completion must merge into a cohesive deliverable. These surprises often result in schedule slips and unfulfilled customer needs. At Intuit, Billie Bell found the root causes of these problems and developed an end-to-end testing model to address them. Billie discovered that test progress reports did not contain the right information to help decision makers anticipate issues early, resulting in design defects being discovered late in development. Join Billie to find ways to prevent end-of-project surprises by identifying dependencies early with use case analysis, mapping functional touch points to test cases, empowering test teams through knowledge sharing across projects, and rethinking standard project milestones. Discover the test metrics you can implement to highlight overall functional business risks that will allow stakeholders to make changes in scope, resources, or schedule earlier in development.

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