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Nir Szilagyi

Over the past two years, PayPal has been on a journey to modernize its internal development and test systems, from test environments, implementing enterprise continuous integration and code propagation into the development pipeline, to release processes and production code validation. Jose Buraschi and Nir Szilagyi will talk about transforming the code of 5,000 developers across 350 teams and how it required social “magic” to influence behaviors and motivate engagement. This modernization of PayPal's development practices has involved creating reliable integrated test environments, continuous integration, automated code propagation, and automated validation before each deployment. Instead of asking for a list of things developers need to do differently, Jose and Nir asked for simple changes that, through side effects, led to the desired results. While tools alone are not the answer, Jose and Nir will also share a tool developed at PayPal that enables any developer to run any software development lifecycle step for any component. Come to this session to learn how to lead transformations through side effects.

About the Presenter

Senior engineering manager Nir Szilagyi brings more than sixteen years of experience to the risk platform engineering team he leads at PayPal. Previously at eBay, he led the products platform quality engineering team in Israel and US. Nir had been involved in shaping eBay's test automation framework and is leading the development of similar quality initiatives at PayPal. In both companies, Nir led the team’s transformation from a classic advisory group to an agile engineering team, focusing on quality throughout the product development lifecycle. Passionate about automation and testing smarter, Nir believes that agility, engineering solutions for quality, influencing testability, and open communication drive organizations forward.

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