Enterprise Lean-Agile: It’s More Than Scrum

Jeff Marr, Cisco

Introducing agile development into a large enterprise is like creating a bubble of sanity in the midst of bedlam. Unless the sanity spreads, the effort is ultimately frustrating, frustrated—and fails. Jeff Marr describes the web of the enterprise ecosystem and presents strategies to build a common agile and lean vocabulary and set of practices within your organization. The lean/agile tenets must be understandable to and appropriate for executive leaders, non-agile product development teams, hardware development, manufacturing, customer support, sales, regulatory compliance, and other elements of the enterprise. Jeff describes how enterprises typically view agile and ways common misconceptions play to your advantage and disadvantage. Finally, Jeff describes an approach to establishing partnerships of mutual interest across the enterprise. If you are a leader, champion, coach, or team member struggling with or preparing for agile adoption in the enterprise, you’ll take away invaluable tips to help you avoid pitfalls, improve communication, and spread the sanity.

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