Exploratory Session-Based Testing...with a Twist

Alexander Andelkovic, Maquet Critical Care AB

Maquet Critical Care develops medical equipment in an FDA-regulated environment and uses exploratory testing as a valuable complementary test technique to requirements-based testing. By combining more traditional techniques with exploratory testing, they achieve high quality software embedded within life-critical equipment. Although performing exploratory testing in a way that meets regulatory standards poses some interesting challenges, Maquet has discovered that session-based test management (SBTM) is effective for testing and acceptable to its external auditors. Alexander Andelkovic shares the challenges of convincing company management and outside auditors that SBTM is both efficient and acceptable. Explore the choice between buying or building an SBTM reporting tool, the benefits of well-managed exploratory testing, and the increased visibility of quality-related information. Whether your organization requires FDA approval or not, this session will help you to integrate exploratory testing with traditional methods in your test organization successfully.

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