Fear and Loathing in Systems Administration

Harold “Waldo” Grunenwald

Harold “Waldo” Grunenwald hears it all the time—DevOps doesn't work. Sometimes it's from people whose “DevOps transformation” consisted of a team rename or from operations people who scoff at the idea of letting development teams deploy to production frequently. Waldo demonstrates why placing the blame on DevOps practices and tooling is missing the point. He offers practical solutions to the problems of historically poor relations between operations and development teams, describes why delegating authority is the path to freedom, and shows why cross-functional product teams are the way to go. Waldo addresses the mental roadblocks that can hinder progress and discusses why we should trust our peers by giving them tooling, access, and responsibility. He clarifies the mismatches between the roles of the past and the roles that teams need today. Join Waldo as he explains how DevOps success is the result of a healthy culture and healthy thinking more than new processes and tools.

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