The Five Biggest Mistakes Your Team Is Making in Requirements Definition

Kathryn Campbell

Google pioneer Alberto Savoia offered this sage advice: Build the right "it" before you build It right. But few software companies take the time to define, much less build, the right "it." The problem starts with a poor requirements definition process. In this session, join Kathryn Campbell as she examines the five most common mistakes that software companies make during requirements definition—and how to avoid them. First Kathryn defines thinking too small as a huge problem and shows you how to broaden your perspectives. Next, she exposes being stuck in the past, with legacy systems maintaining too much control of our innovation. The third mistake is assuming too much about your customers. Kathryn shares guerrilla techniques for gathering rapid, inexpensive customer feedback at every stage of your requirements and design process. The next mistake is not saying no often enough, and Kathryn will share her “no button” secrets with you. The final mistake is jumping to the answer too quickly. You will learn a more strategic and effective approach to defining products for marketplace success, as well as how to bring change to your organization.

About the Presenter

Kathryn Campbell Global Director of Research & User Insights  of Ticketmaster, brings more than twenty years of business strategy experience to the design and launch of successful SAAS applications and digital products. Primitive Spark has designed innovative, award-winning products for companies such as VMWare and Boston Consulting Group and emerging disruptors such as Interset, FR8Star, iMeet Central, and hundreds of others. Kathryn was elected to the Board of Directors for User Experience Professionals Association International and teaches for Cal State Fullerton Extension.

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