Five Core Values to Focus Your Regression Testing Efforts

Brendan Connolly

In an agile world where having dedicated testers can be a controversial idea, manual testing is a tough sell. Not all contexts have their testing automated, so what is a manual tester to do when it comes time to release? Your team starts asking about regression testing, requests estimates, and expects justifications for the time being spent. Intuition isn't the answer, and retesting everything is not an option. In this session, seasoned tester Brendan Connolly will share his five core values for focusing your regression testing efforts: consistency over correctness, behaviors over bugs, intent over implementation, conformity over complexity, and common over complete. These values not only help with decision-making, but also serve as a heuristic foundation for understanding and communicating about regression testing, as well as define a clear intent and context for all your future regression tests. You'll learn to focus your regression testing into efficient and explainable actions and outcomes.

About the Presenter

Brendan Connolly is a software design engineer in test based out of Santa Barbara, California, with seven years of testing experience in a variety of different roles. He writes tests at all levels, from unit and integration tests to API and UI tests, and is responsible for creating and executing testing strategies while using his coding powers for developing tooling to help make testers' lives easier. He maintains a testing blog at and has published articles on Testing Circus, TestHuddle, and QA Intelligence Blog. He also tweets testing-related thoughts @theBConnolly.

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