Flow, Pull, Innovate: How Agile Teams Mature and Scale

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development

Jean Tabaka offers straightforward advice on how agile teams can mature and learn to scale up to larger and larger projects. The three steps of her approach emphasize a path based on principles of Lean Thinking--Flow, Pull, and Innovate. Flow is about creating smooth delivery of value. Pull is the way teams pull ready items for delivery, and the business pulls ready, tested, and valuable features into productive use. Innovate is about how the organization drives improvements rather than merely responding to issues. For each of the three steps, Jean outlines practices for growth and identifies pitfalls to avoid and roadblocks to navigate around. You can apply the disciplines discussed in this class to a single co-located team, a team of teams, or an entire organization eager to take advantage of both agile and lean approaches. Join Jean and learn to achieve the greatest innovations with a much lower risk of failure.

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