A "Framework for Test" for Repeatable Success

Randy Slade, Kaiser Permanente

Do you have defined and documented processes that describe all the activities and deliverables for testing? Do you have a documented road map for repeating test project successes? The test group at Kaiser found themselves overwhelmed with too many projects, understaffed on most projects, lacking repeatable procedures, and without testing tools. Randy Slade describes how they identified the needed test processes and tools, set priorities, developed new procedures, and implemented them. Their "Framework for Testing" has become the blueprint for all testing activities. Its flexibility makes it applicable to software projects of all types and sizes. It guides testers and managers from A to Z in performing their duties by describing the "what, when, how, and why" of all testing activities and deliverables.

  • Five phases of a software testing life-cycle
  • How to develop, pilot, and evaluate new processes
  • Measures to gauge the value of new software testing procedures and tools

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