Function Point Analysis: A Quick and Easy Primer

David Garmus, David Consulting Group

The function point metric is used by many organizations worldwide to more accurately size systems. Knowing the size of a system allows developers to better meet customer demands of functionality within time and budget and communicate about these issues with the system "owners." Based on the latest version of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) Counting Practices Manual, David Garmus and David Herron provide a detailed explanation of the rules engineers must follow to accurately count function points. Join them to learn the value and use of function points within an overall software measurement program and the basics of how and when to use function point analysis (FPA). Examine real-world examples of software to see how to identify the different functional components according the IFPUG's FPA standards. To assist them in applying IFPUG rules for counting function points, all participants will receive a Certified Reference Card.

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