Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions

Many testers have heard about exploratory testing, and everyone does some testing without a script or a detailed plan. But how is exploratory testing different from ad-hoc testing? In this interactive session, James Lyndsay demonstrates the approaches to exploratory testing he often uses at work. With specially built exercises, he explains his thought process as he explores the application. He analyzes applications by looking at their inputs and outputs and by observing their behaviors and states. He employs both cultural and empirical models to establish a basis for observing whether a test succeeds or fails. Through this process, you will gain insights about how to improve your own exploratory style.

  • Using active play to parse and understand a sample application
  • Analysis of inputs, outputs, and their linkage to enhance explorations
  • Identify and test models of success and models of failure as you explore

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